Relationship is one thing that makes everyone happy, it can make a person happy and inspired to go on with his or her life. Being in a relationship can make things easier, you can share each others’ time and special moments. In today’s generations, relationship is not taken seriously by those couples who are not being contented of what they had.

Even a Romantic Relationship couldn’t Last

Most couples nowadays are having trouble with their relationships. Couples who are stronger conquer problems and issues without any difficulty. In this generation, couples are more often into a relationship that last for several months and  eventually breaking up because of the reason that their partner in not faithful to them. Even some couples, like couples who are in a relationship that is more than a year could end up in nothing because the other party is cheating.

Ways to find out if your Partner will be Faithful

There are some ways where you can determine if your partner is being faithful to you or will be faithful to you. Things must be considered in entering a relationship in order to make stronger and long lasting relationship. Here are some of the tips and steps where you can determine it.

  • Your partner must keep the word he/she said in other areas- trustworthiness and reliability regarding numerous aspects is a very good source or foundation of faithfulness in relationship.
  • Your partner likes your friends but he/she keeps a respectful distance- this could be a good indicator if your partner is really faithful to you.
  • He/she is an open book- either if it is small or big secrets he/she must not keep a secret from you. This could bring down the trust and may cause misunderstanding.
  • Your partner must be aware of the danger zones- for example business trips; according to some researches there 13 percent of women and 30 percent of men is tempted during and on a business trip.
  • Your partner must distinguish old flames- too much interaction and communication with an ex can cause your relationship into a topsy-turvy one.
  • Your partner must fell appreciated- everyone says that this is where you can make difference.
  • Your partner should be honest- probably not everything should be told to the other partner. But being honest is the number one way of determining that there is faithfulness in your relationship.
  • Your partner does not flirt with others but only to you- it would be disrespectful on your side if your partner is flirting with somebody. This is one of the signs of unfaithfulness.
  • Your partner should be realistic, knowing that no one is immune- “it could never happen to me” is one of the biggest dangers.
  • Your partner’s tough emphasis should be not “I”, it should be “We”- Faithful partners know the worth of preserving the relationship’s intimacy and love and will obtain actions to guard the extraordinary bond they share.
  • Your partner is very respectful, honest and open not just to you but also to your parents- this is one way to determine that your partner is faithful to you.
  • Your partner’s love to his/her family- this is a very good indicator in determining that your partner is faithful to you. In case of men, they love their sisters; especially their mother and they will do anything just to protect them. In this way they will do the same to you.

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