Relationship can be challenging, thrilling and fun at the same time. Relationship is one way to boost individual’s energy and it makes them happy. There are lots of reasons why almost everyone wants to be in a relationship.

All couples deal with and encounter different kinds of problems, especially when it is a long distance relationship. Some couples solve their problems and issues together by understanding and giving each other a chance, but others ended in breaking up. There are some cases that couples just break up even if they do not encounter problems and issues at all.

“It is not you. It’s me” line

Couples these days get into a relationship even if they are still young; this is one of the causes and the reasons why couples break up suddenly. Did you experience breaking up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? Hearing “it is not you, it’s me” line during break up? These are the most common line that you may hear during a break up. This line often leaves your partner thinking the precise opposite of what you are trying to say. Even when there is no problem at all, one of the couple wants to have a break up.

Ways to Quit a Relationship

Some couples just break up and end their relationship without a certain valid reason. It is never ok to break one’s heart especially when they love you so much. Lying is the most painful way for both parties when breaking up like for example, when you want to break up and you said you don’t love him/her but the truth is that you love them so much but you need to break up with them. There are some ways to break up and quit a relationship with class.

  • Do not break up through email or texts– there are some couples breaking up through texts and emails which is not right. It is not the best way and medium in ending up a relationship. It is a coward way of breaking up with someone and ending a relationship.
  • Stick to the facts of relationship– you should talk face-to-face and it is a must for the both party to understand well the reason why the relationship failed and ended up.
  • Be honest– be honest even if someone’s feeling will be affected. Be as honest and straightforward as you can, it is the right way for the other party to understand the reason why.
  • Be able to explain the real reasons why- you must consider the other party and make sure that he/she will understand very well the reason why the two of you and your relationship needed to end.
  • Do not make things worse and be calm- some couples are not calm when in the process of breaking up, and eventually they regret the fact that they break up.
  • Be certain you want to end your relationship- be sure that the reason why you will end your relationship is valid enough for it not to be revived, but still, if there is a hope get a counseling.
  • Do not kill the relationship before you end it- this will be truly painful to you. Be responsible for your own choice.
  • Start with forgiveness if you have to walk away from your partner- this is the best and the first step in making your leave easy.

These are some of the ways that you can undertake if you want to quit a relationship with class.

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