If you are in a relationship, you probably feel happy and alive always. You tend to spend the best time with the person you love the most. Nothing can ever make a person so joyful than to have a happy and healthy relationship. However, at some point, the happiness is replaced with sadness and despair. The happy days that once makes your day complete have turned into gloomy days. The relationship that once was perfect is now starting to fall into pieces and becoming toxic.

If you are tired of everything, you are probably realizing the reality that you are in a toxic relationship. Toxic relationship depletes individuals of their energy, infuse them with negativity and bring unnecessary conflict and drama to their lives triggering feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, irritability, frustration and resentment.

Being in a toxic relationship does not mean that you have to be tied on this kind of relationship for the rest of your life. There are ways to prioritize your own happiness and most importantly, there are ways to delete toxic relationship and attract healthy ones. Now is the best time to learn love the different way and become ultimately happy. Below are the 5 ways to delete toxic relationship and attract healthy ones:

  • Evolved Love

You have all the power to free yourself from toxic relationship. You need to realize that evolved and healthy love is just within your reach however, you need to keep in mind that this also has to be learned although in some instances, this comes naturally to other people. Individuals are conditioned to show and then receive love. If you are no longer capable of showing and receiving it, then you are probably with the wrong person and the wrong relationship. Let your love evolve and find its new and right way.

  • Change yourself

Excessive anxiety and dependence of being abandoned or alone can create dynamic power of resentment and struggles. If you wanted to eliminate toxic relationship, you need to change your partner through therapy and other methods but if this leads to no positive results, it is probably you who need to change yourself. Remember that toxic relationship is not just the fault of one person. Both of you perhaps have same shares of mistakes.

  • Set Distance

If you want a change in your life and in your relationship, you need to set distance. This is also one ideal means to free yourself from toxic relationship and attract healthy ones in the right time. Setting distance means closing yourself off from this person and healing yourself from the past pain and wounds. This act might involve cutting communications or going on separate ways if the situation really calls for it.

  • Acknowledge the Problem and Accept

You need to understand the patterns of your relationship and if you are certain that you are in a toxic relationship and there is nothing that you can do about it, acknowledge it and accept. Acknowledging the problem and accepting it with open mind is the very first step to recovery.

  • Seek for Professional Help

If you want to delete toxic relationship, there is no harm in seeking for professional help. Getting some help from a professional relationship coach, therapist or counselor is highly beneficial. With their help, you will be able to realize that you are worth having functional and loving relationship and you deserve it.

Follow these ways to no just eliminate toxic relationships and attract healthy ones but to let your life continue to blossom especially in the aspect of relationship.

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