Studies revealed that first impressions are made within the first six seconds after meeting someone new. When you meet a person for the very first time, this person will usually take rapid assessment of your smile, your gait, your handshake and the way you present yourself. As you make your first approach, the persons you newly met are actually deciding if they can really trust you and determining if you are genuinely nice.

Since most individuals will judge within few seconds of meeting, their opinions and impressions most likely not change. Making an awesome first impression is ultimately important because you are only getting one shot of it. How to make an awesome first impression? Here’s how:

Be Mindful about your Body Language

Body language is vital component of first impressions. Everything including your posture, the way you look and project yourself is factors that will be judged by others as they make their first impression on you. To ensure that you will get an awesome first impression, you need to be mindful about your body language. Being aware of this can lead to immediate improvements.

Be Interesting and Interested 

If you are fully enthusiastic about meeting people and open about learning who they truly are, they will get this in first impression. Individuals have common experience of meeting someone unexpectedly. If meeting a person for the first time, you need to approach them with genuine enthusiasm on who they are.  It creates an awesome and lasting impression if you are interested because they also become interested.

Think about your Physical Looks

Physical looks somehow have influence when it comes to making first impression. Clothes, ornaments, shoes and more are taken into account when making initial impressions and judgments. It is highly recommended to look your best and ask other people’s opinion, maybe your friends and relatives and see if they really find you nice and presentable with your outfit. Make sure that you are wearing just the right accessories and makeup if you are meeting someone new. This particularly applies to women.

Never Forget about your Manners

Your manners are reflections of your personality. If you display good behaviors, you know how to respect and value other people’s opinions and points of interests; you will surely make an awesome first impression. Individuals who witness good behaviors and manners instantly take these as signs of being good persons worthy of their trusts. Being humble and displaying good manners leave an awesome first impression.

Relax and just be Yourself

Keep in mind that most individuals are anxious and uncomfortable during first meetings. If you want to make an awesome first impression just relax and be yourself. Tell yourself you are good enough. Do things that will make others comfortable because if they are comfortable, you will feel the same way too. Take a deep breath, relax and be yourself.

If you follow these ways, there is no doubt that you will make an awesome first impression. It does not really take you to be the most intelligent and most wealthy person to get these awesome expressions. You just need to showcase a decent and genuine side of you.

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