You just met someone the other day and you suddenly feel that magical feeling that you have been longing to sense in such a long time. You can already envision yourself with this person but you haven’t known each other completely. There’s a voice within that repeatedly tells you that you’d become a perfect pair. An invitation came out of nowhere and here you are, torn and confused whether you would accept it or not. Then, when you get over your dilemma, you have finally decided to go on your first date ever.

Of course, you would like to be at your best self and create a good impression since this could make or break your fantasy of finding your true love. You would plan your big day perfectly by preparing for your getup and how you would want to see yourself on such occasion. You would think of a better way to start a conversation and what would be the most appropriate questions that you could ask your date without being too personal.

It would be best if you have already known the person quite a bit but if not, then this would be a good opportunity for you to ask these questions to break the ice:

  • How can I make you laugh?” It’s quite normal that you are still awkward with each other and once you notice that there’s a dull moment, you can ask this question without thinking twice. This question will surely become your ice breaker then you can both come up with ideas on how you can make each other laugh. This is how you can start a good conversation then you would eventually become comfortable as you go along.
  • “What do you do?” You can ask this question if you can see that your date has loosen-up a bit and there’s no more uneasy move during your conversation. You can make a follow-up question on “How long have you been working there?” If the other person didn’t ask you back the same thing, you can voluntarily provide information on what you do for a living and how long you have been doing it just to be fair.
  • “What do you like to do during your spare time?” You must ask this question so you would know if you have common interests in life. Knowing the answers to this would let you foresee if you have a future together as a couple or this would be a goodbye after this date.

You can expect to have two or more consecutive dates after your first if you have already learned some information about your date. When you meet someone of interest, you tend to ask for the contact information and once you have it, you can easily send a message and voila, you can now start digging some relevant things that could help you get through your first date.

  • Do you like the place?” Since you already have an idea of the likes and dislikes of the other person, you would choose the best place that both of you would appreciate on your first date.
  • “Do you have a busy week ahead?” Of course, you would want to know if you can expect a second date from the way your question would be answered.
  • “Do you have other plans for tonight?” This question can be asked if you still want to spend more time with your date and you could sense that it’s a mutual feeling. You can both decide where to go and what would be the best thing to do right after your date.

You cannot just ask question if you’re not sure of its relevance. You don’t want to be disappointed in the end. Better assess the circumstances first so you would know when to ask the questions you have in mind and you’ll definitely get a second date if you both had fun.

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