Most of you had this experience of liking someone. Well nothing’s wrong with it as long as you can handle it. Have you experience the person you like also likes you? It’s really hard to tell if the person you like also feels the same way as you do. Managing mixed signals is a skill that should be mastered so that there will be no conflict that would happen.  There are tips that can help you to manage mixed signals:

  1. Know the person.
  • Knowing the person making the signal is important so that you will be able to identify the motive behind. If you think that the person is serious then maybe you can handle it, but if you think that person has a deeper motive try to ask what is his real intention.
  1. Don’t assume.
  • Dont easily make an assumption or don’t assume anything. Sometimes when you assume too much you will just get hurt in the end. Just go with the flow, enjoy the moment and don’t jump into conclusion, because most of the time your assumption is wrong. Wait until that person reveals his intention.
  1. Keep your eyes open.
  • It’s not that literal that you should always open your eyes but, it means that you should see the reality. You know that love has the ability to cover things whether its right or wrong. You must be conscious of the things and the happenings around you. Make sure that your relationship is going to the right way.
  1. Avoid being demanding.
  • Its not good to be demanding, just like assuming you must not demand anything from the person giving you mixed signals. It can be irritating to the other part thus, it may lead to conflict. When you demand something it is a proof that you already assumed something thats why you are being demanding.
  1. Back off.
  • When you feel that something bad will happen, try to avoid the person. It will be safer if you back off immidietly so that there will be no conflict between the both of you. And when you feel your hurting,  the only thing you can do is  to back off in the situation.
  1. Analyze what you feel.
  • When you feel that you are already attracted to someone, you need to analyze carefully what you feel. This can help in making your decision thus, it is an essential way to balance your thoughts and feelings.
  1. Be responsible of your own action.
  • Put in mind that each action you make there is always a reaction. You can’t stop the person giving you signal but you can manage to react with it.
  1. Ask question.
  • It is the an effective way to clear things out. For you not to be confused on the signal the person is conveying. You must be careful on the question they might get offended by you.
  1. Know when to stop.
  • You should know the right time to stop what you feel. Pushing things to work can make you look desperate. You the only one who can control youself, make the right decesion. You need to know when to go and when to stop.

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