Kissing has numerous kinds; it may be a light one or a torrid one. Usually, a kiss is a great consideration when it comes to the Christians after the first or second date. This is due to their religious guide. Kiss, in an overall context is not a sin, as long as it is done at the right time.

Kiss has been encouraged in the bible, not as a sign of any lust, but as a sign of acceptance and belongingness. A peek on the cheek or in the lips is not a sinful act as long as the intention is pure. Purity is what we must take into consideration. You know that any sexual act done outside marriage matrimony is a sinful one.

First date kiss: Good or bad?

Being a Christian, you must already know the importance of self-preservation. The bible has mentioned several instances where kissing is involve but it is also indicated that it is done as an indication of greeting from the person whom you long know and trusted. Trust is the word and the question is “do you already trust the person whom you just have known for the first time?

Usually trust can be gained through time, not instant. You are not fully aware whom you are dating with. If he is also a Christian, what you will be expecting is the same mind set as yours but never forget he is a different individual with different standard, and somehow perspective about your religious guide.

The answer for the question “is first date kiss good or bad” should also take into the type of kiss, the manner and the intention. Having a peek on the cheek has nothing wrong. But, well isn’t it awkward to do it with the person whom you don’t know well?
What does the bible states?

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There are numerous bible verses which talks about the act of kissing. One of those has said that guys should treat woman like sisters, with total pureness. This means a guy has the responsibility to respect the pureness of a woman. Besides, if one has avoided the act of kissing, it will be possible to run away from the risk of engaging on doing all sorts of sensual kisses which can lead on something forbidden.

A kiss on the forehead by a brother to his sister whenever he sees is wonderful, safe, and warm, which is the true essence of purity.
Having a kiss on your first date will still depend on your decision. It will depend on what you value. Woman who want to reserve their kiss and give it only for the man she would marry usually disagree on this. The man who believes that kissing on first date a sign of disrespect to the woman, will therefore not insist to do so.


Kiss is a normal human act and is a wonderful one showing affection. It usually gives a great feeling especially when it comes from someone whom you love. Remember that question of “when” might be of importance, but the question of “what” is the real thing that matters. You know what it mean, and you must also know its consequence.

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