It is very challenging when you are dating someone, it could be thrilling and at the same time it is fun. Dating is the process where you and your date get to know each other and finding out if you are both for each other. There are times that a person having a date feels happy about experiencing it. But in today’s generation, there are some that even when they are just dating they tend to like each other at the very first time.

Happy Thoughts

There are times that you are wondering if your partner or date is the right one. You feel happy whenever you are with them, you feel comfortable and you are open to them. These are some of the effects of dating to you; it can make you happy without even knowing it. But in today’s modern times, there are some scenarios that the one you are dating is not the right one. This can be an indicator that you should be careful next time when you enter into a relationship or dating.

Signs that the Person you’re dating is clearly not “the Right One”

As you all know, dating is the process where the two of you get to know each other, know the likes and the dislikes and so on. You basically wonder if that certain person is the right one for you, you can never tell it. But there are some signs and indicator that the person you are dating isn’t the right one for you. Here are some of the signs.

  • You fell confused and frustrated by your dates actions- he/she says all the things (right one) but his / her action does not align.
  • All the time you make excuses- whatever he/ she does you make excuses.
  • Your insecurity and self-doubting keeps on growing- a successful relationship and right partner always makes you feel comfortable and most importantly wanted.
  • You always feel invisible and lonely whenever you are with him/her- there’s something wrong if you feel this way, a healthy relationship and a right partner shouldn’t make you feel this way. It is of course lonely when he/she avoids you.
  • You refuse to see his/ her limitations the same as permanent- you must look at who she/ he is essentially now and decide after whether you want him as he is.
  • You are definitely afraid of being single- every time you think about being single, the negativity of yours kicks in. It makes you feel scared believing that you can’t handle being alone making you hold into the person (the one that you currently dating) even when you know he/she is not the right one.

These are the signs that you must consider in dating. These are the signs and the truth that you should know when you are dating. Your instincts or guts and feelings will never let you down when it comes to this.  Once you encounter these signs, then the person that you are dating is definitely not the right one for you.

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