You are heartbroken and you don’t know how to move forward after the heartbreak. You don’t want to talk to anyone. Your life is a big mess after the break up. You have lost your appetite and you have no reason to live. You would grieve to death as if you won’t ever see that person anymore. These are the common things that would come to mind whenever you broke up with someone you love. You would just want to wish for the end of the world to happen this day.

Many people think that moving on is so hard to do and that no one can make friends with their exes after the break up. The truth is, you can move forward and start anew. You just have to decide for yourself that it’s time to forget the past and think of the present. You would never get the past the hurt and the pain if you are going to dwell on what had happened. It’s over. You have to live with it and you were not born to be ruined by just one person who doesn’t deserve you in the first place.

So when would you know that you are now ready to face your ex? More so, make friends with the person who has hurt you a lot? You will never know when it would be exactly, you can just feel that it’s about time…

  • When you start talking about your past relationship without any hatred and you are open to discuss what had gone wrong then you can say that you have finally moved on.
  • When your common friends tell you something about your ex’s in a relationship status and you don’t feel any hurt and you can finally that you are happy on how the way things are, then you can now tell yourself that you are ready to be friends again.
  • When you bumped into your ex unexpectedly and you didn’t cringe or hide from that person, then go have a coffee and talk about your present.
  • When you accidentally dialed the contact number of that person and you have heard the long forgotten voice after a ring. When you have realized what you have done but didn’t hang up the phone and you said “Hi” instead, you are so ready to face the world again.
  • When you have finally found your special someone who can now make you happy and you don’t remember the ill feeling that you have had with your ex then you are ready to open your heart and love again.
  • When you can go to the places that you have been through before when you are still together and you are just reliving the good old memories without any regret then you are finally ready to meet him one more time and make friends if both of you would want to resort to that.

Love makes the world go round and whatever happens in the end, be ready to face it with hope that you are destined to be happy in this life with the one person that will never leave you behind.

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